How Much Planning TIme Do You Spend on the Holidays? How Much Time On Planning 2010?

How Much Planning Time Do You Spend on the Holidays?

 How much time on 2010 Goal Setting?

 Part 1 of a 4 part series.

Christmas Cow Courtesy of Terry Chenier


The Holiday Process:

1. Make a list and check it twice

2. Gather and put up all the decorating items

3. Shop for all the perfect gifts

4. Creating a letter summarizing the year

5. Sending cards to important friends, family and connections

6. Organizing in your calendar MANY social events so you can attend them all

7. Cleaning for entertainment

8. Shopping for entertainment

9. Cooking for entertainment

10. Recovery for the season

The holiday season from Thanksgiving till January 2nd, is only about 45 days.  Think about how much time and energy goes into those 45 days and how the power of spending that same amount of time on 365 days might rock your world in 2010.

 Any plan starts with the list… So create a list of things you would like to work on and then break them down into steps that need to be taken to achieve them.

Remember.. you can’t love your neighbor, until you love yourself.. planning to help yourself is NOT selfish, it is a MUST to have balance.

This week make a list like this so you can really break it down and FOCUS with a specific plan for each catagory!

1. Family

 2. Health

3. Finances

4. Personal Development

5. Business Plans

6. Philanthropy

7. Love

8. Education

9. Career

10. Exit Plan

Homework till next time!            

Create your refrigerator list!

What is a refrigerator list?

The list of people who are so comfortable at your home they will go to your refrigerator and get something to drink without dismay…

Why the refrigerator list?

These are the people who are going to help you achieve your goals if you ask them. They love you and all you have to do is ask and share a plan with them… So start thinking. I posted a comment on my facebook page about a refrigerator list and one person said she did not have any friends which would come over and go in her refrigerator.. At first glance I thought that was very sad but then my comment back was.. start inviting some friends over… if she didn’t have someone over, how could they feel comfortable to go in her refrigerator for something to drink.

To me, it is like the lessons we learn in social media.  You have to reach out and touch someone if you want them to touch you back.

Basically like commenting on posts …we help each other out by sharing our ideas everyday.

It is a bilateral arrangement…..

There is not a day goes by I don’t learn something new by reading blob posts and all the comments!

The comments take the lesson in the post to the next level!

I am looking forward to more learning together in 2010!


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