Last Minute Shopping Idea!

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Are you running late with gift ideas?

Try the “Gift Of Ingredients” for something fun and fast!

You may be asking… what is the gift of ingredients?

Simple, a gift of ingredients for a special food dish!

Try this idea with any delicious food you make and want to share a recipe and the ingredients with.

Put your creative hat on and think about what you cook that everyone loves, then go get the ingredients, print out the recipe and put it in a bag.

No matter what the event, birthday, Christmas, Valentines day this idea works and is something the receiver can use and think of you with warm thought while preparing!

Try it, you’ll like it!

Time for Christmas gift giving is running out and this might be your answer!

A gift bag and the grocery store! Simple, then you are all set to give the gift of ingredients!

What about adding a cooking or serving dish for all the ingredients and a grocery store gift card for anything perishable to create your dish!

Keep the thinking cap on for more ideas on the gift of ingredients.

Do you have a great idea for a gift?  Let us know!

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