Global Connections… Are You In?

Global Connections…Are You In?

How would you even start to connect with people all over the world?

You can find out on Thursday when you meet Johan Horak from Simonstown, South Africa.  Simonstown is located about 45 minutes outside of Cape Town, South Africa and is where his wife manages over 300 vacation rental properties and he is connecting their part of the world with social media daily.

Johan Horak


Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. MST join us on the Cosmic Cow Pie blogtalkradio show and find out how Johan is connecting daily with people from around the globe on Google+.  Set a reminder here to join us online, ask questions in the chat room, call in during the show 347-994-1903 or post anything you would like discussed in the comments for discussion on the live show, Thursday

Johan’s story is very interesting and will touch the heart of anyone listening.  He started his career with visions of being a CEO in the metal industry in South Africa where he came from Johannesburg.  He evolved into owning one of the top producing second hand stores in South Africa and now he helps people share their message with the world through social media.

Johan published a post on google+ that went “cosmic” with over 168 comments on “14 ways to Learn How to Helpfully Ride The Coattails of Google+ influencers”  We will be discussing his strategy and how it worked out. My initial contact with Johan came from a Pinterest conversation on Google+ where we were talking with Guy Kawasaki of former Apple fame and currently “What The Plus” e-book fame about the status of Pinteresst in the social media hierarchy.  The connection goes full circle in social media and how it can connect the global dots.

Johan will share the trials and practice it has taken to be able to communicate with anyone around the world on Google+  This is what he says about the platform “Never in my life have I come across such an resistant free platform. I am able to communicate with the most influential to the latest newbie…..

This is a social media principle I ascribe to: Before you sell you need to create cultivation pools where you can nature long term trusting relationships…..The focus for me was not on return on investment anymore. Input vs output bull. I became like an artist. I did what I love first. At all cost before I chase anything. Now the fun started….

I am challenged by new methods. How do I use these tools to brand businesses and individuals. I tend see communication opportunities in a strategy and branding way. This means that I easily identify new technology that solves these problems. Internal and external. It’s natural for me to package various communications solution in a user friendly way.”

It will be exciting to talk to Johan Horak about his social media success and his wife Elmarie’s 300 properties available through Cape Holiday Home Rentals. 

Connect with Johan Horvak on your global journey in social media.


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This is newGoogle+ blog   talk about google juice.. check this out!

Hope to see you on line in the chat room or call in live 347-994-1903 to ask questions of Johan Horak as we discover how to connect globally on Blogtalkradio Thursday, April 19, 2012 9:00 a.m. MDT

Having been to South Africa on our recent voyage around the world,  I want to encourage you to check out the photos and think about making a trip to this extraordinary place.  There is so much history and there still continues to be history in the making.  You will want to see Table mountain become covered with clouds that looks like a table cloth, to see incredible beach’s, penguins, dive with the sharks, amazing golf courses and don’t forget the Big Five on a safari.

Don’t just think about new Global Connections, start now and circle up with Johan Horak after listening to his story!

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