Glass Sculptor Benard Katz Shares His Studio

Glass Sculptor Bernard Katz Shares His Studio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania LIVE in a Google+ Hangout Out On Air.

Meet  Bernard Katz and his beautiful wife Katie at their studio, Bernard Katz Glass.
The studio is over 6500 square feet and has viewing windows for the public to watch how custom glass sculpture is created we get to see it in the video.

Bernard is an American glassblower, artist, and sculptor. Bernard has established a dynamic yet distinct style that can be seen in the top art galleries and private collections the world over – including the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Great Britain, and Kenya – among the collection of 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Wangari Maathai.

Bernard has been the subject of interest in numerous books and magazines which have featured the artist, as shown in World Art Glass Quarterly Fall 2006. He has exhibited in the top art shows in the United States including The Smithsonian Craft Show, Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, Long’s Park Art & Craft Festival, and the Baltimore American Craft Council Show.

Every aspect in the work, from raw materials to the finishing details, are made by hand. With this in mind, the investment is given to the artistic statement and each piece they create is a unique work of art.

Watch how the process works starting from a clay model to the finished product.

Meet the International Panel

  • Charles Lupica from Neuchâtel, Switzerland Fine arts connoisseur
  • Valentina Cirasola originally from Bari,Italy now from the Bay are in California Interior designer and author
  • Vince Ong from Melaka, Malaysia Tech geek and Photographer

Bernard and Katie Katz reach out in this video to share their love of glass sculpture!

katie bernard katz fountain kitchen 800x613 Meet International Glass Sculptor Bernard Katz LIVE on a Google+ Hangout On Air

After watching this video, you will KNOW the artist and have a new friends in Philadelphia and around the world.

Google + Hangouts On Air are making the world a lot smaller!

Art is a currency of communication so watch the video and find out about the studio with Glass Sculptor, Bernard Katz.


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3 Responses to “Glass Sculptor Benard Katz Shares His Studio”

  1. Valentina Says:

    It was a nice place to be today, Carra, with you and all the artists on the panel. Thank you for the invitation to Google+ hangout.

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