Memorial Day vs. Veterans Day

Memorial Day 2013.   The day of remembrance is always the last Monday in May.   The commemoration started after the civil war to honor those who had fallen during the conflict.

Today, Memorial Day is to remember the men and women who died while serving in the American armed forces.

This should not be confused with Veterans Day, November 11th, which celebrates the service of all U. S. military veterans.

Sunrise flag


Memorial Day marks the start of summer and many people go camping, have picnics, go hiking, boating or bar-b-que with friends.  It has also become a time where many family members go to cemeteries  to place flowers or visit loved ones that have passed.  The tradition of placing a flag on the gravesite of a Veteran is an activity that takes place in many communities around the country.

Please feel free to use the stock photo below from Photos by Carra to share your memorial day thoughts with others.

It will also work for the 4th of July!

flag and moon.jpg s TY


flag and moon.jpg s


America is so grateful to the men and women who help keep us free!  Free from  F E A R.

Your service is remembered, honored and appreciated!













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