3 Question Movie Review To Decide If You Should See “The Internhship”

Going to the movies this weekend?

Have you considered   +The Internship ?

Humor Internship.
Took me a week to complete my movie review as the critics have been extremely hard on the humor and content…. I have three questions for you to ask yourself before you decide to go see this movie!

1.  If the photo above is not funny to you… DON”T go see the movie your expectations will NOT be met!

2.  If you do not understand the term #googliness then this might not be for you.

3.  If you liked Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in the “Wedding Crashers” then this film IS for you!

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson humor is, what it is.. they are character actors, so be warned it is full on one liner funny!

Last Wednesday was a day full of  Cosmic Cow Pies™ so going to see #TheInternship was the perfect way to check out for 119 minutes of laughing.  External factors do play a part in even the most objective movie critics reviews no matter how good they think they are!  This is the perfect film to just be entertained and enjoy your google moment!

The story starts with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, protagonist “salesmen” who have been released from a watch company that has closed down because technology has reduced the need for telling time by looking at your wrist.

Thinking about the concept of being tied to the cell phone is sad in a sense because a watch is on your wrist all day without having to think about it and if you are depending on your phone for time, the electronic phone leash has taken over for your source to keep appointments.  I do still wear a watch but in the film you will see a boomer receptionist looking at her phone to tell the time when asked what time it is!  End of the watch story!

The two middle aged guys are now without jobs and no skills except their last century sales personalities.  The movie looks into personal motivation, the ability to adapt and to do what they do best… SELL!  In today’s world we are all selling something however the method in which we engage with a consumer has evolved into a new strategy and you will see how the new world and the old world colide to create a BIG BANG.

The movie touches on a lot of emotions, from individual human acceptance, to love and if you are watching you can see how the old school and the new school do have an important roles to play with one another in creating a balanced life in today’s world.

A prerequisite for this movie is to watch Flash Dance.
There many references to the 1983 film,  if you have not seen it you won’t “get” some of the funniest, motivational sequences.

Happy Potter concepts show up in a quidditch game with the Interns.  I had to explain  to my husband  about the game with  the broom sticks… if you haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books, the quidditch match is a sport that is very important at Hogwarts University.  In the Harry Potter series they can fly on the broom sticks… if only google could help us fly!

Favorite one liners:

“This is a mental Hunger Games against a bunch of genius kids.”

“Strap it in boys you two are dinosaurs.”

“You always figure out a way to screw things up and let people down.”

“Far more than brain power, googliness, intangible stuff.”

“The 12th man on the bench still wears the ring when the team wins.”

“Your imagination is so wild reality is going to be a let down”

“Google has single handedly cramped by ability to BS.”

“Their googliness is off the chart.”

Conan O’Brien did a hangout on air with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson around Valentines day before the opening and you can really get some insight as to what went into the planning and production with #Google to make it fun, light and include a message!  I think we can see Veterans United +Sarah Hill  on the The Internship backdrop between Conan and Owen!
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+Google Play

Back to reality……To see what an internship at Google is really like, watch the video.

Need a google partner to help in your business?  Google is the 800 pound gorilla in the room so look at what they can do for you:

The Internship is a must see movie for those that love learning and are embracing the change taking place in our world today!

Watch the trailer, ponder my review,  then decide if this movie is for you!   Of course I want you to come back and share what you thought of  #TheInternship

The three question way to determine if you should go see The Internship.  What did you decide?


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