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Joy, Peace, Charity….New Beginnings 2014

January 3, 2014

A New Year and New Beginnings can include Joy, Peace and Charity.  All ideas that can be incorporated in your daily life to bring that eternal peace and balance that will make you free.

Listen to the video with your eyes closed… drink in the message and let the Word inspire you.  Let your year be filled with Peace, Joy and Charity.   Feel the LOVE surrounding you and know how important you are in sharing kindness and consideration.

Carra Riley sharing joy, charity and peace in 2014

Learning to Love your neighbor as yourself, first requires you to Love yourself.  What qualities do you express that show kindness and charity?  Do you truly desire to be better this year than last?  Are you open to learning?

Please join is in asking 3 questions a day. 

  1. Who were you nice to today?
  2. What did you learn today?
  3. How are you better today than yesterday?

Keep a log of those 3 questions and you finish your course with joy.  You will be showing your beliefs through kindness and charity.   Your actions speak louder than any words.

Feel free to post your random acts of kindness in the comments so others can be inspired by your work.  Try this with your kids, with your friends, with your family with your co-workers with connections online.

We can make a difference one person at a time expressing LOVE and good deeds.  Living the Golden Rule and loving our neighbor as ourself.  Give, Give and Give some more.  Your giving is what makes “the present” a real gift.  it’s from you and from the heart.  It’s how you make people feel that spreads the love,  they might not remember the words but they will remember how you made them feel.

Make 2014 the year of new beginnings with Joy, Peace and Charity.  

No Coal For You….It’s Easy To Be Nice

December 23, 2011

Small acts of kindness do make a difference.

Paying It Forward To Seniors.

This time of year is the perfect time to start new behavior and pay it forward in some small way every single day!

This time of year we hear a lot about children and how we can help which is a wonderful and very important activity. 

Let’s add our seniors to that list of people who would really appreciate some special treatment.

A holiday or New Years dinner, some cookies, a bouquet of flowers… something sweet to tell them they are important and valued.

It is my understanding from a long time ago, Tony Robbins tape that Shaquel O’Neil and his dad asked 3 questions every day which my family and I have enjoyed subscribing to.

The three questions they asked daily, are:

1.  Who were you nice to today?

2.  What did I learn today?

3.  How was I better to day than yesterday?

A great way to keep track of progress is to actually keep a journal on each daily question.

When reviewing your week there is no better inspiration for the next week than reading about the good you have done, what you have learned and how you have improved.

This holiday season we took a turkey dinner to senior friends in Flagstaff, Arizona along with cookies and a floral arrangement.  We made a Christmas dinner for some senior friends in Aurora, Colorado at their home with everything from the ham to cherry pie.  The icing on the cake for us was making the pea soup from the ham bone which was their favorite soup and putting all the left overs in bags they could freeze.

The slide show shows you just how easy it is to make someone’s day special and make them feel important and valued.

There is still time to go to your favorite grocery store… get a roasted chicken, turkey breast, ham and the fixin’s with a little sizzle to start the New Year out right!

As we roll into 2012 think about a daily good deed.

Consider the idea of sharing the three question program in your home, your school, your faith organization or philanthropic group.

Pay it forward, we all can make the world a better place. 

Girlfriends…… Need a REboot for your brain?

June 21, 2011

Would a little something for the soul be helpful in today’s world?

When is the last time you really had:  

  • Mad FUN
  • Got crazy
  • Had a little fantasy
  • Learned
  • Laughed
  • Cried    

with your girlfriends?

Are you ready to go boldly into WHAT’S NEXT?

You may be a little tired, or discouraged or unsure or just not certain about  who you are and what you really want.

The economy may have you scared and feeling less than on top of your game….

For sure…. you know you could use some time without distractions… Some time to relax, reboot and re-connect with what’s important to you….not just what the world seems to expect from you.

Do you want to connect with your source and come away with something for the soul?

How about…a.. just us girls weekend?

It’s easy to understand that “SHIFT Happens.”  Do you remember “As The World Turns?”  It seems like our world is spinning and it might be a good idea to get off the hamster wheel and talk with people who are working through all the change with balance and joy! Once you have a new view, at a higher altitude you can help others and everyone rises to a new level.

supportive circle of women to giggle  (or cry) with.

In a simple, cool setting with all your needs met for 3 days at the gateway to the Grand Canyon?

Would this work?

Totally cool!!!! Because that’s what we have in mind

IF the ideas above are ringing any bells then “Girlfriends Reinvention Weekend to Reboot Your Brain Camp” is FOR YOU!

Embracing “Cosmic Shift Happens ™”  in all aspects of life, is part of the vision of the weekend!!

Master Certified Coach, Joeann Fossland and I have partnered to create a way for YOU to experience a fun 3-day break from all the BUSYNESS…… Think about how taking a step back to reboot might help with forward progress.

Girlfriend Circle


What: A 3 day girlfriend-only “Reboot your Brain” Camp Weekend
(think… slumber party, relax, giggle, reframe and rejuvenate)

When: Friday through Sunday, August 19-21st

Where: Williams AZ (where it is cool in the mountains in summer)

What’s Included: 3 Days to Connect with other Amazing Women, Time to relax and reflect, Time to Play, Structured mini-seminars to Learn & Grow, Meals & Snacks from Friday night through Sunday morning, Camp Lodging Friday & Saturday and much more!!!!

What Will We Be Doing? Here’s the tentative schedule.

How Much? Early Bird Registration $322 OR sign up with a girlfriend — not just for real estate people, bring your best friend or anyone needed a reboot! — for $297 (you each save $25) OR Enter to WIN one of TWO FREE Registrations! (after July 30, the cost will be $399.)

So… perhaps it all sounds goods and you know you want to come…

Cool! Sign up now (and we’ll refund your money if you win the contest!)

OR… perhaps it all sounds good BUT…

  • You are doing something else that weekend… oh my, I haven’t the power to enable you to be in 2 places at once… we’ll miss you!
  • It’s too far away… consider going to see the Grand Canyon or Sedona and taking a few extra days to really have a vacation (you deserve it, you know!)
  • It’s too much money… Enter the contest :>)
  • It’s too much money or any other reason other than you just aren’t interested… That may be EXACTLY the reason to take a leap of faith and come, because it IS about Rebooting and getting unstuck or at least a new, lighter’ll walk away with a new excitement and empowerment to make the 2nd half of the year extraordinary!

There is a very cool contest to enter and 2 lucky ladies are going to have a place at this event for free.  Check out the rules… it’s easy.. write 250 words about what you have to share and how coming will make a difference for you… then tweet, post, e-mail or video to share with the world.  Extra points are given for social media love so blog away and have some fun with this.

We’re also randomly giving away registration prizes  where you have a 1 in 6 chance of selecting one of the gifts if your registration number is one of the lucky choices! The prizes will be presented at the opening event.

Reboot camp really is a camp and a place where you will be able to connect with yourself… have some fun in Williams and even talk to the animals!                                                               

The slide show should give you a great idea of where  you will be spending your reinvention weekend.

We will be talking to the animals at Bearizona, going to a gunfight on the street in Williams, AZ and cruising Rt. 66 to experience all the nostalgia of this historic area.

This really is a Reboot CAMP so bring your sleeping bag, cowboy boots and an open mind.

We are going to learn, laugh and be inspired to a new way of thinking!

You know what they say about all work and no play!

Please join us for a little something for the soul and leave our event with a new altitude of thought! 

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