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Christmas Can Be Everyday!

December 25, 2013

Christmas is something that can be celebrated everyday! 

Pinecone candles.jpg dn

Think about what Christmas means to you…..

  • Is it connecting with others you have neglected all year.
  • Is it helping someone in need?
  • Is it sharing the love of the birth of Christ?
  • Is it a meal with family and friends?
  • Is it taking time to understand creation and how you fit in?
  • Is it ponding the meaning of life and what Jesus came to show mankind?
  • Is it thinking about Mary and how she felt when Gabriel came to chat with her?
  • How do you think Joseph processed Mary being with child?
  • Do you hear angles?
  • How are you different after December 25th each year?
  • Do you think you can take the spirit of Christmas with you every day?

Think about what Christmas really means to you and then try to share that concept in everything you do every single day! 

B&W Mary and Jesus

Peace, joy, respect, understanding, kindness, tolerance, love  what else can you add to the qualities you can express on a daily basis that can make a difference in the world!

Peace on earth, good will to men……. do we have a part in this idea?

Join us in asking 3 questions a day in 2014 the year of balance. 

  1. Who was I nice to today?
  2. What did I learn today?
  3. How was I better today than yesterday? 

When we stop learning we stop growing.  When we stop giving we stop living.  When we stop trying to be better what is the purpose existence?

Loving our neighbor as ourselves gives us a bar to work towards.  We have to love our selves first in order to love our neighbor.  Try writing down what you love about yourself.  Don’t be shy and think about everything…. you brush your teeth.  You keep your room clean, you open the doors for others, you wait to speak until someone else is done… all kinds of ways to love our selves.  Then think about the good things to love in your neighbor.  You will be surprised how your life will change when you are looking for things to love about someone instead of looking at things to judge or criticize about them.

Everyday can be a Christmas filled with Love and Kindness too!

Christmas bow

The present is a gift, make the most of it!