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Bar-B-Que Green Beans

July 23, 2014

Summer is a time to have fun with your BBQ and enjoy the outdoors! 

Green beans on the grill make an easy and different vegetable that has a zesty flavor of the marinade and BBQ.

Easy in this outdoor kitchen on the Elephant Rocks Golf Course in Williams, Arizona.

Green beans on BBQ 1111 S. Torrey Pines Dr. Williams, AZ Elephant Rocks Golf Course


Step 1 

Marinate clean fresh green beans in your favorite dressing or just olive oil and seasoning for about 6 hours.

BBQ Green Beans Marinate in dressing 1

Step 2

Place the marinated green beans on a grilling wire so the beans do not fall through the BBQ rack.  Make sure the beans do not overlap one another.  Use a cookie sheet under the grilling wire to catch any dressing before placing the wire on the BBQ racks.

BBQ Green Beans  spread out individually none overlapping 3

Step 3

Cook the green beans covered for about 4 minutes a side on medium heat.  Turn only once with tongs.

BBQ Green Beans  grill 4 minutes per side 4


Step 4

Serve Grilled Green Beans to your guests with dipping sauce or fresh off the Grill.

BBQ Green Beans
This technique can be used for many different of fresh vegetables.  Try marinating zucchini, fresh mushrooms, onions, red, green or yellow peppers and green beans all in one big bag.  If you have a favorite marinade recipe use it to give a custom flavor to delight your guests. 

The meat can be cooking on one side of the BBQ and then later when you are about 8 minutes from the meat being done add the grilling wire to the other side of the BBQ. With the right timing you should have the entire dinner ready at the right time. A timer by the BBQ is a good idea not to over cook the vegetables.

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Enjoy your Bar-B-Que grilled green beans!