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What is Good Friday All About?

April 19, 2014

Today is Good Friday…. the day Jesus was crucified and Easter Sunday is the day he ascended through the resurrection.   


Read the story in the Bible at Matthew chapter 26 – 28 or Luke 22-24 for the full story.  

Jesus came to show us the way… not to do it for us… he taught only LOVE. The message he shared is timeless and the parables apply to everything we do and experience today IF we are willing to let thought go higher to the spiritual meaning of the actions in his time and of what is going on today.  

Sharing the Easter story in easy to understand terms…

Jesus was crucified for doing good and not “playing the game.”  Games continue today in many aspects of our lives and his resurrection was to show us the way to overcoming evil with good always and rising higher in our thought of what Life really is about.   

He was betrayed by one of his own followers for money.. we see that today people selling out for money.. no difference then or now. 

Pontius Pilate the governor and representative of Caesar “crowed sourced” what do do with Jesus by asking: Matthew 27:22 & 23 “What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ? They all say unto him, Let him be crucified. 23 And the governor said, Why, what evil hath he done? But they cried out the more, saying, Let him be crucified.” 

It seems the public is always wanting to crucify someone for their beliefs… 

For the next 3 days.. think about what this story means to mankind and how you fit in the picture.  

What is your role in history?  

What is your purpose and reason for being? 

Jesus knew he had a purpose on earth and as he was being crucified with the other malefactos he said Luke 23:34 “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”  

How can we take that lesson today with forgiveness and Love?  

Take a few moments to read the story in Matthew or in Luke to understand the persecution of good and what your place is in the resurrection of thought.  

Easter Sunday signifies a new reality of what life really is…..Spiritual not material and Jesus proved it.  Think about the words you hear at any funeral, they reference the resurrection and the fact that Love Lives On! Jesus proved it for all mankind to have hope and understanding of this reality.  The crucifixion and resurrection uplift faith to understanding of eternal Life.  

He is risen

Rejoice with those around you this weekend and celebrate the unconditional Love, God has for you.  You are so loved and you need to feel and KNOW that no matter what the past has been.  There is only the NOW and going forward with new understanding and light.  The resurrection shows us the way to only good and life eternal.

The first step toward WORLD peace is  knowing there is ONE God who surrounds and protects us all WHEN we listen and follow doing only good.  Overcoming evil with good under all circumstances.  Then… we have to LOVE our neighbor as ourselves.  This means you have to LOVE yourself first so you can share that Spirit and BE the reflection of the LOVE that created you! 

Every day can be an Easter filled with benedictions new!  

Have a beautiful weekend and start each day new with the LOVE of Christ in your heart.  


Truth And Halloween

October 29, 2013

Learning about  the Truth and Halloween can be a rewarding, learning experience with young kids.

Our Flagstaff, Arizona  Sunday School class went on a family adventure in Williams, Arizona at, Bearizona, a wild life drive through park.  The journey was inspiring to say the least as the kids learned what Christ Jesus tells us,  “Ye shall know the truth and the Truth shall make you free.”  We learned the Truth about Halloween and can apply the principle to all kinds of unpleasant or scary situations.  When confronted about what is real and what is not real we saw the truth about a lie.

The original fun afternoon was just to have a picnic then drive through park and walk around the baby animal area. The 3rd and 4th grade boys found a Haunted Halloween House and wanted to go through it.  The haunted house was PG13 so a parent had to go with them.  One dad stayed with a 4-year-old and 2 moms and I went with the two boys with me bringing up the end.

B Haunted house

As we entered the haunted house we were greeted by a serpent that was alive and well.  A rather ominous welcome.  We later talked about the serpent in the Garden of Eden and the temptations we are often offered by this character in the first chapter of Genesis. We also talked about Moses and how his rod turned into a serpent and he took it by the tail and turned it back into the rod.

B snake .jpg s

The sign at the entry seemed to heighten the anxiety as we entered the Haunted house.  I mentioned  we would be walking with God and not to fear the unknown as he would be right there with us.

b sign prepare to die

The entry was very dark and we all went one by one into the haunted chamber.

B entering HH

The first sounds and sights did create a lot of fear as the haunted chamber was so dark and the images appeared real.

B scary animals

B only yellow eyes B fire

The kids started to scream as a hand reached out in the dark to touch them.  One of the mothers calmly shared the fact that the creatures were only in costumes and they were people pretending to be Halloween goblins and there was nothing to be afraid of.  We were in the middle of the Haunted House so we had to go back out the front or follow through to get to the light at the end.  I captured  proof of the creatures not being real by shooting the tennis shoes.  I reaffirmed what the mother had told them was so true that these were employees dressed up in costumes.  I had the shots on the camera so they need not be afraid of something evil trying to claim it was real when that was not the truth.  God was right there with us and taking us to the light.

B feels like Raiders

B the truth people in costumes

Once we could see the light the boys were elated and ready to move on with the day.  They found a  torture area and decided to try it out.  We talked about how Jesus was nailed to the cross and how that might feel the same. We were really covering a lot of concepts in the Bible in one Halloween adventure where we learned the truth about evil as not being real and knowing that God was protecting them no matter what.   Having the photos to be able to calmly discuss the Bible connection at the next Sunday School class was very helpful.

B what did Jesus feel like


B kids on pumpkins

Learning about God and his protection can be a fun adventure and applies to absolutely everything we experience, as we found the Truth in Halloween.   All the fear in the dark was NOT real.  There was nothing to be afraid of.  The people in the haunted house were just dressed in costumes and masked so we could not see the real individual employee who was kind and loving.  Once the mask is removed from any evil that appears to be real,  the Truth is then evident and all anxiety is gone.  God is all and it is all good Genesis 1:31 “And God saw everything that hehad made, and, behold it was VERY good.”  We walk through the door to the light and Love of God leaving everything that was untrue behind.

We found the Truth and what is real at Halloween.

Good Friday and the Easter Message

March 30, 2013

The message of Easter on Good Friday!


Good FridayWorld peace comes through learning, respect and kindness to allow all mankind to think and believe the way they want without judgement, criticism from anyone for their beliefs

Living the Golden Rule…. treating others the way we would want to be treated is an ethical principle embraced by all faiths.

By understanding how different individuals think, we can learn tolerance and give each other the right to share without harm to ourselves by just listening and trying to learn how others think.  We might just find that good is at the bottom of all behavior, most people try and do their highest sense of right every single day.* It might not be what we would do but we have to appreciate that everyone is doing the best they can.

As we allow our beliefs to be shared we come together as one in Love and consideration for all no matter what the doctrine.  

On a personal note we are getting ready for a celebration dinner on Easter Sunday with friends. Going to an interfaith sunrise service on Sunday which we have never done, so am expecting an exhilarating experience with our community coming together to rejoice the risen savior.

Jesus was crucified for living his beliefs and loving God.  He humanly died for what he believed in.  We embrace the fact that his resurrection is our resurrection…….the raising up of our thought to a spiritual level.   In a nut shell we believe… Jesus came to show us the way… not to do it for us.  We have the responsibility to live our highest sense of right everyday and let our light shine through our actions. Jesus, the Christ idea, showed us by example with his living and healing all manner of sickness, sin and disease. He PROVED that life is eternal on Easter Sunday.  This was his purpose and reason for being.

Have a beautiful weekend.

We are really all one in Love!