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What Is A Miracle?

May 6, 2014

Have you ever thought about what a miracle means to you… the  American Heritage Dictionary shows the definition as: 

  1. An event that appears unexplainable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God.  2. A person, thing, or event that excites admiring awe.  3 To wonder at.

Taking the concept of miracles and applying it to every day occurrences shows that things happen all the time that “excites admiring awe.”   Many times we just miss the miracles that surround us. Hopefully this article will encourage you to start thinking about the gifts you are given on a daily basis, be open for the “present.”  Watch and listen for the miracles and they will be there!  The Lessons of Love will warm your heart and create balance in your life.  

Do you think you could find a cell phone in this mountain of white sand after being out all night with the wind blowing? 

rolling dune sun 2

Meet Emelyn Morris Sayre a Professional Real Estate agent in the Denver/Boulder area of Colorado,  a very talented photographer and Caribbean Vacation Rental owner.  Emelyn, found my cell phone in the sand at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico after being out for a night with the sand blowing in the wind.  

Emelyn found the phone

The story starts on facebook and Google+ after seeing , Kristal Kraft, a friend of mine, who is a Real Estate professional in Denver, Colorado with The Berkshire Group, and an incredible photographer, share an amazing photo of a pink sky with a Yucca plant at White Sands, New Mexico.  The photo post was so beautiful  it inspired me to want to go to White Sands, New Mexico, myself and capture that stunning beauty at this natural wonder.  

Kristal Kraft

The facebook story continues as several members of a photography group I belong to decided to go to White Sands and have a meet up over a weekend.  Seizing the moment, I joined in with the group to drive to New Mexico from Arizona for the White Sands photo shoot.  I did not know any of the photogs coming from Colorado but knew we would all connect through the Love of photography.  We exchanged phone numbers, hotel information and were off to White Sands.  

The first evening was an incredible sunset opportunity with electric skies and perfect contrast for the landscape photography shoot in White Sands, New Mexico. 

Whtie sand sunset

The next evening did not have such dramatic skies and the wind was blowing the sand.  I had written Love Berlin in the sand for one of my German friends, a member of Photo Tour Global Directory, Britta Rogge with Show Your Best Work from Berlin.  The wind covered my message over in less than 15 minutes, showing just how fast the sands can move.  

Love Berlin 1

After sunset on the 2nd evening I realized my cell phone was missing, it was getting dark and the park was closing in 15 minutes.  I really did have a little self talk.. I believed that GOD knew where it was…. I just needed to turn my thoughts to accepting that and NOT DOUBT.  I was a little tense as the sun was almost down and darkness was setting in.  Being a little disoriented from the wind blowing and covering up the writing of my sign I could not retrace where I had been.  With the head lamp light on, I stated to walk up the hill to look for the phone where we had been shooting earlier but the rangers were coming and we all needed to exit the park.  Kristal Kraft tried to call the phone to see if it would ring but first she called the home phone by mistake so my husband now knew we were looking for the phone.

 Janet Smith another inspiring photographer I had just met, suggested that I temporarily stop the number instead of turning it off so when we found it all we had to to was turn it back on.  This suggestion was another angel message indicating the phone was going to be found.   Janet is so full of fun an Love  you can see it in this image we had taken earlier and  shines through on her website His Healing Images.  I can’t express in words the feeling of gratitude I have for connecting with these amazing photographers so full of Love and so willing to share and help with positive thoughts. 

Janet Smith jumping

The mental process began with being thankful that I had just backed up the iphone and I thought I had insurance so the worst case was getting the new phone and then uploading all the data off the computer back up.  It was still a bit uncomfortable in my consciousness so again I was thinking about being grateful that I had the phone locked so if someone found it they could not open it. Gratitude for all the positive protection that was already in place but also for knowing that Divine Love would again, provide for every human need.     Our family has rejoiced many different times when finding things of value seemingly, lost, by holding to the principle of a right idea cannot be separated from you.   The phone was just waiting to be found.  I eventually calmed down my thought and KNEW that tomorrow morning after the sunrise shoot I would go to the visitor center, give them a description of the phone and KNOW that someone would find it and turn it in.  One of the other photographers, Kristal Kraft, had lost her expensive prescription sunglasses and I applied this same law of right ideas to that situation in my thoughts as well.  It is a mental warfare we all have when the Cosmic Cow Pies™ fly in our lives. We have a choice how we handle or “cope” with the situation.  I chose to believe that I would be directed to look or say or do the right thing to restore what was mine.

The group of about 10 photographers all had dinner and I was talking with the only man in the group, John Kyler and a member of Photo Tour Global Directory  with his daughter Heidi  on this White Sands photo shoot.  When he heard about the phone loss he was simply POWERFUL in his thought and conviction that we would find the phone after the sunrise shoot!  His reassurance was so inspiring that it took all the fear that I was trying to put down away and I KNEW that was an angel message for me to affirm what I knew to be true, that God had this situation and I didn’t need to do anything but believe in his omnipotence.  

John Kyler DigitalColorado

The photo above is one of John Kylers unique images taking the White Sands sunrise shot and adding his creativity to produce a work of art that inspires the viewer to think at a higher level.  When I asked John if it would be possible to include him and the part he played in the experience with his absolute conviction we would find the phone, he heartily agreed and shared this with me about his philosophy in his work and life….I love the story.. It just goes to show that positive energy is contagious and inspiring. With my photography, that is one of my hopes if nothing else is to inspire others to live life, enjoy, take better pictures, or get out, but have fun…”  

What a joy to get the sunrise shot I had set out to capture at the White Sands National Monument. We were  just were about to pack up the car and go to the visitor center when Emelyn Morris Sayre came over to me and said… “what does your phone look like?”  She held up my phone and I gave glory to God for doing all the work and what I had to do was believe and KNOW he would do his job.  Kristal Kraft, who had lost her glasses found them at the visitor center lost and found.    Miracles happen every day, expect that your needs will be met and Divine Love will take you all the way.

Here comes the sun 2

The story continues with another need being met by the same Love messenger that found my phone!  I got home from the photo shoot at White Sands and needed to get a red Corvette sold before we were going on a 2 month adventure.  We had listed the car in the winter on Craigslist but the timing had not worked out.  It was now Spring and I reposted the ad and shared the photos on facebook. My new friend, Emelyn, who found the phone at White Sands, said she loved the car and photos on facebook and maybe she would come and look at it.  In less than 5 days Emelyn and her husband flew to Flagstaff, Arizona from Colorado, had the car checked, took a tour of the Grand Canyon and Williams, Arizona getting back to work in 3 days with “Roise” her new red Corvette, all taken care of.  The miracles just continued for all of us as they were thrilled with their purchase and we were blessed to be able to leave knowing we had the car sold. Divine Love meets all our needs!   The Lessons in Love continued in seeing what blesses one blesses all.  

SOLD Red Corvette

Emelyn has a sock monkey who shares life’s lessons named Pricilla and  I have peace monkey who travels with me from the Cosmic Cow Pie™ series. The monkey’s connected at the Grand Canyon where we met other photogs from Canada who have traveling companions so we all ended up sharing global love through photography fun.  Canadian friends CC and Peace monkey at GC

Now the journey and fun connection continues with Emelyn and her husband joining us on a voyage around the North and Baltic Sea capturing Love and learning lessons from Hamburg up around Northern Europe in Finland, Scotland, Sweden to Iceland  and back to Ireland.  Who knew.. that from a facebook group comment to a White Sands New Mexico photo meet-up, to Williams, Arizona on Route 66 and Grand Canyon experience we would find ourselves going half way around the globe together with a wonderful new friendship!  It’s another miracle! 

Em shooting Williams

Miracles happen every single day.  Miracles might not be a term you relate to but whatever the word is you want to use for Divine Love answering prayer and meeting human needs it’s ok. The Lessons of Love are there when we listen and are prepared to accept the gift.

Start looking and expecting the good that is ready and waiting for you!  Feel the LOVE and enjoy the miracles each and everyday!