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Bar-B-Que Green Beans

July 23, 2014

Summer is a time to have fun with your BBQ and enjoy the outdoors! 

Green beans on the grill make an easy and different vegetable that has a zesty flavor of the marinade and BBQ.

Easy in this outdoor kitchen on the Elephant Rocks Golf Course in Williams, Arizona.

Green beans on BBQ 1111 S. Torrey Pines Dr. Williams, AZ Elephant Rocks Golf Course


Step 1 

Marinate clean fresh green beans in your favorite dressing or just olive oil and seasoning for about 6 hours.

BBQ Green Beans Marinate in dressing 1

Step 2

Place the marinated green beans on a grilling wire so the beans do not fall through the BBQ rack.  Make sure the beans do not overlap one another.  Use a cookie sheet under the grilling wire to catch any dressing before placing the wire on the BBQ racks.

BBQ Green Beans  spread out individually none overlapping 3

Step 3

Cook the green beans covered for about 4 minutes a side on medium heat.  Turn only once with tongs.

BBQ Green Beans  grill 4 minutes per side 4


Step 4

Serve Grilled Green Beans to your guests with dipping sauce or fresh off the Grill.

BBQ Green Beans
This technique can be used for many different of fresh vegetables.  Try marinating zucchini, fresh mushrooms, onions, red, green or yellow peppers and green beans all in one big bag.  If you have a favorite marinade recipe use it to give a custom flavor to delight your guests. 

The meat can be cooking on one side of the BBQ and then later when you are about 8 minutes from the meat being done add the grilling wire to the other side of the BBQ. With the right timing you should have the entire dinner ready at the right time. A timer by the BBQ is a good idea not to over cook the vegetables.

Get additional FREE Cosmic Cuisine™ recipes here.

Enjoy your Bar-B-Que grilled green beans!

Join The Google+ 2 Year Anniversary Photowalk 6-29-13

April 30, 2013

 Now is the time……

Join the Google+ 2 Year Anniversary Photo Walk in your city!   

Cities world wide will have having Google+ 2 Year Anniversary Photowalk on June 29, 2013 where anyone with a camera can meet up with google+ participants and walk around the city taking shots of their favorite places. This global event is FREE to anyone!   Registered Google+ participants will have an opportunity to enter 1 photo in each of 7 categories for grand prizes from sponsors.  Last year the prizes were over $7,000 in value and we expect more prizes this year.

As a real estate agent with a camera you can host a photo walk in in your city, at a specific location or join in an existing global photo walk where ever you are on June 29, 2013. Invite your clients and make it a fun customer connection event!  

This will be the 2nd annual history making photo walk to share with friends, clients, businesses in your community and affiliates. This will be a great time along with enjoying the Google SEO as you post and share this incredible opportunity to connect through photography. 

Google photo walk map

Thirty cities are already on the map so check out the list on this google+ page and then go to the Google+ Two Year Anniversary Community and read the directions on the left and see all the cities that are set up with events.  If you set up a photo walk in your area with an event your link will be on this interactive google map with your name and a link to your event.  

The Event tool on google+ makes it easy for you to set up the photo walk in your city. Check out the event set up in Williams, Arizona and feel free to copy and modify the words to create the event in your area. People can RSVP on the Google+ event and they will be eligible to participate in the prizes offered by the sponsors by using the RSVP tool to prove they are google+ participants.

As an active member of your community this activity gives you a golden opportunity to participate in the Google driven event, use the hashtags, #G+2yearAnniversary. talk about the photowalk for the next 2 months, share your event and create posts with plenty of blog content and photos to share the fun!

This is a low cost, high return way to connect with past and current clients along the business community by inviting them to come and participate. It also allows you to connect with photographers in your community sharing photography which is now the key to opening the doors of communication. Digital imagery is how the world is sharing on Instagram, Pinterest, facebook, twitter and google+ so aligning with people who are enjoying photography can only enhance your digital experience and help improve your photography skills just by listening and connecting with those having more advanced techniques.

The opportunity to engage with the photographers who have signed up for an existing event in unparalleled. If there is not photo walk in your city, create your own photo walk and connect with them after they RSVP for the photo walk or contact a photographer now and do it together.

Think about how easy this global event makes it to introduce yourself and invite others to come and bring their friends or clients to this history making 2 year anniversary celebration for Google+.  Perfect way to connect with new google+ users and validate why engaging on google+ is so fun taking online relationships to a new IRL- In Real Life level.

How to get going:

Below are 2 examples of sharing photos from Williams with the information on the photo walk in Williams, Arizona.

  • Create an event for the photo walk in your city if you are going to host it.  Use the existing event link if one is already planned in your city.
  • Create posts on your google+ stream about the event.  Share all the details of the photo walk in a link and just have some fun.
  • Share the posts on google+ with different daily photo themes.  Be sure and share your posts with #MyCitySunday My City Sunday curated by activerain’s Sally Weatherley and me.  We will reshare your posts and spread the word about your event on the My City Sunday google+ page.
  • Create individual url links to your post and then share on other social media with a shortener  
  • Use the hashtag #G+2yearAnniversary and add your city when sharing your specific event  #G+2yearAnniversaryWilliamsAZ

Baby Bear

  • Add your photos to the event you create and keep adding photos during the week to create more interest in your city and the fun photo walk event.    Use the ink to post describing the photo and the walk.

Williams wall art
Don’t miss the incredible opportunity to socialize with your local businesses, past and current clients and local photographers on a fun filled photography day celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of Google+.

When:  Saturday, June 29,2013  time to be determined by the event coordinator

Where:  ANYWHERE in the world.. you pick the place and share with the world!

Who: YOU!  Photographers of all skill levels, beginners to pros!  What if you only have a phone camera? YES, you too!

Why:  To celebrate the two year anniversary of Google+, hang out with other fun Google+ photographers and Google+ participants world wide. To share more photos, To meet new and interesting people!

Cost:  All FREE!  The best things in life are FREE right?

The link to be a new host is right here, it’s easy!

Put the power of google to work for you and have some fun!

Think about hosting a Google+ 2 Year Anniversary Photowalk in your city today!  

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